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Welcome To Hillsboro Feed Company

Over the last 10 years Hillsboro Feed Company has developed its rations around a very simple philosophy. Place good product in an arrangement that best fits the needs for your animals. We do not use fillers or substitutes in any of our formulas or rations.

We are a family-owned and operated business with an agriculture base in North Alabama. Hillsboro Feed Company LLC is an active part of an ongoing farm operation for over 70 years. In conjunction with the farm, we constructed a grain facility at the Hillsboro Gin Complex in 2006. This necessitated the need to find other markets for our crops that we produce and keep a trained staff to manage the feed plant and the ginning operations. In 2007, we started our feed operation and have been growing every year. To this day we have over 45 different blends and several on-demand items for custom blends. We take pride in what we do. Our facility is capable of handling NON-GMO product lines separately from the conventional feed lines. Our NON-GMO products come from a variety of supplies from the NON-GMO Project Verification Companies which we have purchased from on a regular basis. The last 4-5 years have been especially exciting for us as the NON-GMO process is unfolding we are eager to take on the challenges that it holds for us and for our customers. We are proud to be certified by the Non GMO Project.  The commercial horse line that has developed over the years has allowed us to manage a production process for high quality and fortified Equine animal feed products.  

Hillsboro Feed Company LLC, wish to thank all our customers for their patronage and allowing us to continue serving you.

Greentree Bedding - Simple, Clean & Sustainable

Greentree shavings are free from mold and other materials that could be harmful to your horse. Our product is triple-screened to remove virtually all airborne dust. We work hard to engineer the highest qualtiy shavings so you cn spend more time with your horse, and less time in the stable.
We are the only horse bedding manufacturer in the United States with SFI® certification. greentree is constantly working toward carbon neutral status. greentree manufactures four types of bedding products to meet your needs – Easy Pick, Select, Premium and Pellets.

"Employees at Hillsboro are always friendly and helpful. They treat me like family and never hesitate to accommodate my horses' needs."
Eric Bradford

"I feed cattle and horses. The feed is consistently high quality and the prices are always reasonable."
Meliton Torres

"Having Hillsboro deliver feed was a lifesaver! Recently I had a very sick relative moving in and I didn't have time to drive up there to pick up my feed. So I called in the order and they were nice enough to work me in the same day I placed my order. They delivered the feed to us saving me so much time I needed with my family."
Paige McCauliffe

"The feed is really good! I'm so happy with it."
Dick Peebles

We've been using Hillsboro Feed exclusively for Non-GMO feed for broilers, egg layers, and hogs since 2015.  We sometimes pick up at Hillsboro and sometimes have it delivered.  The feed quality is outstanding and the personnel are always very helpful.  We definitely appreciate the delivery service and Bobby does a fantastic job unloading and placing feed for me every time whether I'm home or not.  We're very happy overall with Hillsboro Feed.  Thanks for the great support!

- Kevin Krause of Liberty Trace Farm in Hampshire, TN

"Service is always great."
Randy Campbell