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Going Hog Wild

Raising hogs can lead to some good things.  Most of those things start with the letter “meats” and are spelled “awesome bacon.”  Yes, the food is delicious, and yes it can save you money to raise your own meat animals.  And yes, they can be adorable in their early days.  However, in-between those times, well… you better have an idea of what you are getting yourself into before you start bringing pigs home for the keeping. 

Here are a few things you may need to prepare yourself for if you are going to be raising your own pigs. 


  1. They Are Brawny -- Pigs are strong creatures, and if they decide to knock you down, you’re probably getting knocked down.  Always be cautious around the pigs, as they can get aggressive, and that’s doubly true when there’s food available.
  2. They Are Clever -- You are going to want a good fence.  Pigs are curious, intelligent creatures and they will find a way out of their holding area.  No matter how much space you have provided for them, they can sense that there is more out there to explore and they will search out holes and places to escape.  Keep a close eye on your perimeter!
  3. They… Um… They Stink --  There is just no good or pleasant way to say this.  You don’t want to live downwind of your pig sty.  You want a pretty good bit of distance between you and your pig sty, actually.  Yes, you will have to walk or ride out to it.  It will be worth it.  Trust us . They have a certain reputation, and they have that reputation for a reason.  They reek, pretty much constantly.
  4. They Eat Everything -- Goats have the rep, but pigs win the prize.  Whatever shall you feed your hogs?  Well, let’s see:  table scraps will work, and they love milk (fresh, curdled, soaked into old bread and corn; they care not).  Pigs are, at the end of the day, kind of disgusting, it is true and they will eat pretty much anything they think looks like it even might have been food once. 
  5. They Are Surprisingly Personable -- One of the things that make animals fun to have around is getting to know them.   Pigs are interesting in that they each have different personalities.  They can learn their names, and are fun to hang out with while you have them--just know that all of this can make it more difficult to lead them to the slaughter.  

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