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Learning and Growing

One of the most rewarding experiences a farmer can have is sitting down to a meal that they have prepared in the most literal, right-from-the-start way.  They get the pride of knowing that they worked for every scrap of food on their plate, the joy of a truly fresh and delicious meal, and the comfort of understanding exactly from where everything of which they are partaking has come. They know if the vegetables were raised in a right and natural way.  They know if the animals used were treated humanely.  The benefits of building your own sustainable food supply are many and varied.  

Total self-sustainability with food is obviously a pipe dream for most, especially in this age of supermarkets drive thru's, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up on the dream of fresh, from the farm produce and meat.  Many families are discovering the joys of rearing their own animals for food, building pig stys and chicken coops right there on their own property.  They have hams and bacon when needed and eggs every morning.  Even those who can not afford or do not have the space available to grow their own food can become a part of the self-sustaining food pipeline by investing in their local farmers through herdshares, farmers markets and the like. 

There are a number of benefits to eating fresh, farm raised animal products.  Number one on the list, for most people, is the taste.  There is little debate about whether mass-produced meats have less flavor than their home grown counterparts.  Nothing that is coming to you from a large-scale production factory is likely to have the taste, colors, nutrients, and quality that you will find from a smaller business or individual farmer.   Just look at the difference in the vegetables at the grocery store compared to the vibrant, beautiful options you find at the local farmers market. 

Safety is also a benefit of maintaining a local food supply chain, and not just for you but for the animals themselves.  When you truly know where your food comes from--when you can look the farmer in the eye, see the animals, see how they are treated, and know just what sort of food they are being fed--you can rest assured that no creatures were treated inhumanely to produce your dinner.  You can also eat with confidence that you are not ingesting a million random chemicals or preservatives meant to hold in “flavor.”  When you know where your food is coming from, you get to know exactly what you are putting in your body.

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