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Non-GMO Poultry Feed

The non-GMO focused trend that swept through the nation is still ongoing.  As people begin to pay more attention to the impact humans can have on the world around us, more and more are seeking to lessen their environmental footprint.  One of the ways in which farmers are doing this is by seeking out more natural, unaltered nutrition for their animals.  GMOs (which stands for “genetically modified organisms) are essentially plants that have been altered to an unnatural state by science. 

Many of the technological and agricultural advances that encouraged and were encouraged by the study and creation of GMOs have certainly been to the benefit of mankind.  However, there have been certain health risks associated with genetically altered foodstuffs, as well as moral/ethical concerns raised about “playing God” through science.  Because of this, there has been quite a bit of pushback against genetically modified feed, and many farmers are choosing to go a more natural route.

The most heavily altered crops in the United States are sugar beets, corn, tomatoes, and soy--all of which can be common ingredients in animal feed.  Luckily, at Hillsboro Feed Company, we are proud to offer a wide variety of non-GMO verified feed options designed specifically for poultry.  Our feed is tailored to a variety of age ranges for the birds, so your chickens and turkeys can have excellent food from hatchlings to harvest, without ingesting all the unnatural consequences of genetic tampering.  Our offerings run from a starter feed for chicks to free-choice feed for layers.

Hillsboro Feed Company is the go-to location for any North Alabamians looking to supply their livestock and work animals with the best, healthiest options for feed.  Their customer service skills are excellent and their products are the best around.  Visit their store at 14934 Alabama Hwy 20 W, Hillsboro, AL, or call (256) 637-2309 if you have any questions.  You can also visit them on the web, at