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Shegogg Goat Mineral Now Available!

One of the most harrowing problems for farmers in any day and age has always been poor animal health.  At Hillsboro Feed, we are actively working to make sure that all of our customers animals are healthy, happy, and parasite free.  To that end, we are now offering our own Shegogg Goat Mineral feed additive!

Shegogg Goat Mineral is a general dewormer used to curb the presence of parasites in livestock.  It’s ability to eliminate these internal parasites in the animals will revolutionize sheep and goat production in the Southeastern United States.  Shegogg Goat Mineral is a feed additive that the animals can ingest in a natural, free-choice way.  Simply mix in the appropriate amount with your livestock’s feed, in a dry area close to their leisure spots. Do not provide additional salt or mineral supplements in addition to Shegogg Goat Mineral.

This is a copper-based treatment, using the copper to deworm the animals, preventing them from requiring a monthly shot or pill, and is suggested to be fed to any and all classes of goat.   It is worth noting that the amounts of copper found in this feed can be toxic to some animals, though we have included certain ingredients specifically to help prevent copper toxicity.  Still, though, some animals are particularly sensitive, so feed it to sheep at your own risk.

Shegogg Goat Mineral is already a boon to the community, offering a valuable service to farmers.  In addition, our company will donate $2 for every bag purchased to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  We are striving to make a difference, in our local community and the world at large.

Hillsboro Feed is also currently offering free sheep/goat fecal testing to any customers using our Shegogg Goat Mineral feed additive.  We will check for worm eggs and other evidence of parasites.  Parasites being tested for include ostertagia, cooperia, moniezia, moniexia, bunostomum, haemonchus, nematodirus, trichostrongylus, oesophagostomum, trichuris, strongyloides, coccidia, dictyocaulus, and mite eggs.  This service is only provided for sheep and goats. 

If you have any questions about our products, pricing, or delivery, please don’t hesitate to contact Hillsboro Feed.  Our office is open Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm, Friday 8am-3pm, and Saturday 8am-12pm.  We are here to accommodate every farmers needs, from a few bags to a custom blend to a bulk order delivered right to your farm. 

We are also in the process of enlarging our dealer network.  If you know of any feed stores that would be a good fit, please direct them to our Dealer Application. 



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