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How Much Should I Be Feeding My Backyard Chickens?

Did you know that chickens will not overeat?

It’s true that chickens will not overeat no matter how much food is in front of them. Chickens will automatically stop eating once their body’s sense that a certain amount of food sources has been ingested during their day. (wouldn't that be a nice problem to have)
But, they are unaware if they consumed the proper amounts of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. They too can fill up on “junk food”.

Chicken Bed Lining 101

Last week took dove into the world of poultry rearing, for folks who enjoy their chicken and and eggs even more home cooked than usual (or maybe they are just trying to see which one comes first).  This week we are going to dig a little deeper into one of the most useful and beneficial tools you can utilize in your efforts to raise quality, happy birds:  their bed lining.  Bedding for poultry comes in a wide variety of different forms.  Deciding which one is best for your situation and animals is up to you.