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18% Dairy Goat Pellet (Non-GMO)

Designed to be fed to lactating does with access to hay or forages at the rate of 2-4% of body weight per head per day or handfed to breeding animals to maintain body condition when needed. This feed can also be used as a maintenance ration for breeding goats and a gestation ration for does. 

Please contact us with any questions about our products, pricing & delivery. We are here to accommodate any farmers needs...whether it be a few bags, a custom blend or bulk delivered to your farm.

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  • Protein (minimum)           18%
  • Fat (minimum)                  3.5%
  • Fiber (maximum)              18%

Ingredients: wheat by-products, non-GMO corn, non-GMO soybean meal, oats, calcium carbonate, salt-mixing, ammonium chloride, vitamin A, vitamin D, selenium

This feed has been verified by the Non-GMO Project-

certificate #C-175762-2018



Email: hillsborofeed@gmail.com

Phone: (256) 637-2309


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