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How long does it take for custom or bulk feed to be ready?
Around 2 to 4 business days, please call (256) 637-2309 to schedule pickup.

What is your minimum order for delivery?
We request at least 2 tons plus a delivery charge, call (256) 637-2309 for a quote.

How far do you deliver?
We deliver feed within a 100 mile radius of Hillsboro, Alabama. Call (256) 637-2309 to confirm we deliver to your area.

What is you delivery schedule?
Mon & Wedn - Columbia, TN area
Tues & Thurs - Shelbyville, TN area
Wedn & Fri - North and South Alabama

Can I pick up a bulk/bag of product at your facility?

Yes, we keep most products in stock...please call ahead (256) 637-2309 to confirm. We require 250lb minimum for bagged and 500lb for bulk.

Do you offer non-gmo feed?
Yes, we offer both traditional and non-gmo feeds.

I have a nutrition question, can you help me?
Absolutely, please call (256) 637-2309 and ask for our nutritionist James Taff.

Do you have the capability to manufacture a full range of customized products?

Yes, we have a nutritionist on staff that will work with you to customized a product for your needs. We manufacture for pretty much any species of livestock or domesticated animal. We have the capability to grind your custom feed into meal, pellets, crumbles, or textured form. Please call (256) 637-2309 and ask for our nutritionist James Taff to get a quote.