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Joe Green Bio

Julie Myrick, Office Manager

(256) 763-7526

Our office manager, Julie Myrick, is the first person to call when you have any issues or questions about Hillsboro Feed. She can also redirect your call to the appropriate person if needed. 

Julie Myrick

Christi Dutton, Retail Manager

(256) 963-9979

Contact our sales and retail manager, Christi Dutton, with questions related to your order and order pickup.

Christi Dutton

James Taff, General Manager

(256) 963-9978

James Taff is over the plant and office at Hillsboro Feed. James has been a life-long dairy farmer; starting his career with his own dairy farm. In the last few years, he retired and sold his farm. Not far into his retirement, Roger from Hillsboro Gin called him about coming on board at the feed company. This was a perfect fit for him since he had a strong background in farming and had even run his own feed business on his farm. He is looking forward to the challenge and is excited to be part of the Hillsboro family. James has a wife, 2 kids, and 3 grandchildren.

James Taff

Joe Green, Horse Whisperer

Joe Green has been referred to as the “Horse Whisperer” at Hillsboro Feed.  With his extensive background in horses, this could be the case.

His love for horses started at an early age when he started riding at the age of six.  Soon after, he began showing horses, primarily Tennessee Walking Horses. This has instilled a true love for show horses and an affinity for all horse breeds.  

His family has a 500+ acre farm, which he has managed since 1979.  Cattle, horses and some agriculture are staples. Joe has always managed the farm while pursuing other occupations.  He owned an insurance agency for several years but sold the business and returned to the farm. However, he has always had an interest in feed and took an opportunity with a feed company that was struggling.  With his help, they were able to turn the business from operating in the red to making a profit in 35 days. The company ended up selling out to another company and Joe worked for them for about 17 years running the feed plant and three feed stores.  

In 2015, Roger at Hillsboro Feed contacted Joe to come consult for him on the horse feed side.  Roger wanted to target large commercial horse barns. Once on board, Joe worked very closely with the Hillsboro nutritionist to design All Feed, a Hillsboro branded horse feed.  This is a performance horse feed that keeps all horse breeds and the full spectrum of horse from active to senior in mind. Jimmy, the nutritionist, and Joe worked to combine good feed that is formulated to perform with the proper nutrition for the animal.  Now, they have a standing formula that they are always tweaking to improve.

Joe told me this great story about where his passion for horses started.  His father would ride on Saturdays and to spend time with him, Joe started riding as well.   The Appaloosa his father rode was a talented horse and could do just about anything. On Saturdays, Joe just had to do his best to keep up with his father which eventually turned him into a great horseman.  

Come by Hillsboro and see Joe.  He wants to keep creating good feed for a good price.