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Product Traceability

We make a variety of products in our ”Non GMO” line. While none are certified at this point, they are all made from products that are non GMO ingredients to the very best of our knowledge. 


Pesticide Residue Test Results 2017

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Small Grains:
We use a good bit of wheat, barley, oats & milo from Scoular Company. They specialize in Grains & Oilseeds, including identity preserved (nonGMO, Organic, and Specialty Grains). Since there are no known or approved GMO varieties of wheat, barley, oats, milo, sesame seeds and sunflowers, we make the assumption that all the aforementioned grains are Non-GMO.

We buy locally grown NON GMO corn from producers that plant crops on nearby Federal Wildlife Refuge. Our Fish and Game people who oversee the refuges will not allow the farmers who rent those fields to plant GMO crops so we have a local source of Non GMO corn, grown in isolated fields (which reduces our concern over cross pollination). We also supplement some of our corn from Scoular Company if demand outweighs our local supply.

Soybean Meal:
We buy our soybean meal from Resaca Sun Feeds, a plant that produces only certified Non GMO soybean meal. Their most recent documentation is available to the right and they are verified by the Non-GMO Project.