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Rabbit Pellets

Designed to be fed free choice to growing rabbits and limit fed to mature animals. 

Please contact us with any questions about our products, pricing & delivery. We are here to accommodate any farmers needs...whether it be a few bags, a custom blend or bulk delivered to your farm.

We are also in the process of building out our dealer network, so if you know of any feed stores that would be a good fit...please have them fill out fill out our Dealer Application.

  • Protein (minimum)              13%
  • fat (minimum)                      03%
  • Fiber (maximum)                20%
  • Calcium (maximum)           0.8%
  • Phosphorus (minimum)      0.4%

Ingredients: Hard Grain Wheat, Grain by-products, Distillers Corn,  Whole Corn, Rice hulls, Alfalfa, vegetable fat, potato starch, molasses cane, calcium carbonate, L-Lysine, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, soybean meal, oats, proprietary mineral blends

Nutrients: Sulfur 0.139 pct, manganese 77.865ppm, iron 71ppm, copper 19ppm, selenium 0.449ppm, cobalt .008ppm, Chloride 0.611pct. 


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